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The following sites and web pages are the most significant sources of Internet information about Japan's kamikaze corps and other special attack forces. A separate page provides links to web sites about American ships hit by kamikaze aircraft and kaiten.

  • 蒼空の果てに Aozora no hateni (To the blue sky's end) - Huge site by former Japanese Navy kamikaze pilot. Many stories on site come from his four books related to kamikaze corps.
  • 殉国の碑 Junkoku no ishibumi (War monuments) - Invaluable reference source on specialized topic. Contains tremendous amount of information, including photos and related history of monuments specifically dedicated to special attack forces. Much information not contained elsewhere on Internet.
  • 回天特攻隊 Kaiten Tokkōtai (Kaiten Special Attack Corps) - Gives detailed record, with numerous historical photos, related to Japanese Navy's use of kaiten human torpedo.
  • 特攻 Tokkō (Special Attack Forces) - Nicely-designed web site includes sections on letters and poems written by members of special attack forces, excerpts from the association's quarterly magazine Tokkō, paintings of different types of special attack weapons, photos and paintings of planes used in kamikaze attacks, pieces written by bereaved family members and association members, and information about the Tokkōtai Commemoration Peace Memorial Association.
  • 予科練資料館 Yokaren Shiryōkan (Yokaren Museum) - Features exhibits of museum in Ōita City. Includes information about the Yokaren (Naval Flight Training Program), wartime experiences, and kamikaze operations. Has several last letters of kamikaze pilots.
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